We all know that lighters meet our daily demands by supplying the source of fire. The use of cigarette lighters as a fashion accessory is quite an old trend. But the matter is that it is still popular. We have already seen that there are various kinds of wholesale lighters for men available at the market. These lighters can become a good accessory which enhances the boldness of your outfit. But for party look, not all lighters are beautiful. For bringing out the party look with the lighters in your hand, you can use crystallized lighters. These little lighters are small in size covered with lots of small crystallized beads that simply looks stunning at parties. Women always complain that the designs of lighters available in the market are too much masculine. With the use of crystallized lighters, this issue can be solved as these studded lighters can easily go with the outfits of women in any party. They are ideal lighters for women.