Lighters are kind of accessories we use in our day to day life. There are people, who use it just like a normal accessory. Also there are people who use it to enhance the level of their style. Perfect use of cigarette lighters as fashion accessories can become extra-ordinarily compatible with your outfits. No matter for what reason we are using this accessory, we cannot deny that these sweet little things are very easy to be lost. People who are crazy about lighters will not be happy to lose one of their precious lighters. That is why; we can use lighters for men & women that are available with cases & clippers. Such kind of lighters reduces the risk of losing it frequently. Lighter cases made by the wholesale lighter manufacturers are designed in different types & colors. The engraved designs on the lighter case are assumed as posh & glamorous & it enhances the impression of our personality every time we take it out of our pockets.