The use of bracelets was believed only for women. Ancient people used to wear bracelets, but in western world bracelets were not in trend for men. Men of western world started using bracelets for fashion only a couple of years ago. At first there was only the use of metal bracelets for men. They were being used by only a certain type of people. When manufacturers started designing leather bracelets for men, then people from almost all groups came forward & embraced this fashion accessory. The advantage of leather bracelets are that they are simple, but at the same time brings great attitude for the person who is carrying it. There are leather cuff bracelets for men, customized leather bracelets for men, leather strap bracelets for men, braided leather bracelets for men & also a lot of variety of leather bracelets for men. Wholesale manufacturers of leather bracelets have marketed these leather bracelets for men in a very cheap & affordable price.