Leather bracelets are found in plenty of designs. But we also know that whether in outfits, or in fashion accessories, designs & shape inspired from different country & cultures have their own trend & popularity. Here, specifically we are going to talk about wholesale leather bracelets that are inspired from the designs of various countries. There are leather bracelets that are inspired from Italian, Venetian, roman & Milan styles. When we talk about Italian styles, we talk about leather bracelets we talk about human made bracelets of real leather. But they look very handsome & stylish, whether it is worn by men or women. Roman styled leather bracelets are always trendy, as they are hand crafted. Bracelets inspired from Milan styles are a little decorative. They can have studs on it. On the other hand, Venetian leather bracelets are not only decorative, but also they are innovative as well.