Western themes are always trendy & cool to look at. So whenever you are using cigarette lighters that have western themes imprinted, engraved or embossed on it, you know that you are using a lighter that is cool, trendy & also never out of style. Thus the cigarette lighter with western themes, not just remain as equipment that is useful, but also it becomes a fashionable accessory for you. There are various western themes. Such as confederate label flagged lighters, cowboy lighters, arrow-head lighters, bull-skull lighters, lighters with themes of desert & animals, five point sheriff star lighter, pistol lighter & holster lighters. No matter whatever the theme you chose, they are always stunning to look at. Wholesale cigarette lighter manufacturers produce a lot of lighters that ranges in various price ranges. You can choose a western theme cigarette lighter that is cheap in price. Also you can choose branded, designer or vintage western lighters which are little expensive.