As any other person in town, it is important to look as neat as possible.  Hair, skin and make up must be intact. Clothes must be in tip top shape and accessories must be used to give the look a special and final touch.  Working and Studying on a busy schedule might make people forget some of the most important details. There is a simple checklist that should be done before leaving your house every morning:

àStyle: Make sure your wardrobe has a little bit of everything, that way you will be able to create many looks and always look sophisticated.

àPresentation: Remember you face is your selling card. Make sure to always be ready to impress.

àConfidence: It does not matter how well you wear yourself if you do not show the confidence you have within you. Make sure you pass good impressions of yourself.

àClothes: No matter what kind of style you have always make sure to wear presentable clothes. Do not forget the basics accessories that are crucial. Such as Belts.

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