Nowadays cigarettes are extremely common. There are millions of people that smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. It does not matter what the culture is like or even what kind of cigarette the person longs to smoke, all that matters is that one who smokes need to have a certain object at all times. This object is called a cigarette lighter. There are many kinds of cigarette lighters all over the word. Fancy or cheap a smoker must have one at all times.

But after all what is a cigarette lighter? A cigarette lighter is a portable device that produces a flame. It may be made out of plastic or metal. This metal or plastic container holds some sort of flammable substance that when ignited generates fire .The cigarette lighter also contains a certain part used to extinguish the fire once it has been already used.

There are many kinds of lighters when it comes to fashion. There are the cheapest ones, which are usually disposable, and also fancier ones, (even made of gold sometimes) that can be re filled with the flammable liquid in order to be used again.  There are also some differences as to how the spark starts. For example the cheapest cigarette lighters have a metal that strikes against a flint creating then the spark, whereas some other kinds of cigarette lighters work once the user presses a certain button that pushes against a piezoelectric crystal creating an electric arc. This kind of lighter is called by some piezo ignition cigarette lighters.

There are other kinds of cigarette lighters, which are less common. As an example we can have the permanent match. The permanent match does not have a real fame. Instead of real fire it has a fuel filled metal container with a threaded metal rod. You simply insert what you want to be lit inside of this compartment, having it on fire after a couple seconds. In order to extinguish the fire you also simply touch your cigarette to the object (insert it inside one of the holes of the permanent match). Great advantages of this kind of cigarette lighter is that by inserting your used cigarette inside of it the lighter holds part of it as the fuel of the next cigarette. Another great point is that the container is sealed with rubber which helps the avoidance of fuel evaporation. Another kind of lighter comes inside cars. This kind of lighter is called automotive lighters. They also work in a different manner as we can not have fire flames inside a car. They have a 12 V electric lighter. It becomes hot in seconds and by having your cigarette touch it you will have it lit instantly.

When it comes to cigarette lighters, there is something we can not forget. It does not matter whether your cigarette lighter produces a flame or not, we must be careful in order to avoid any kind of accidents as accidents with fire are extremely common all over the world.